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Our Focus

  • Analyze, understand and gain insights with your data  

  • Get in touch with your data with any device

  • Use your data to improve your turnover and increase sales

  • Connect with and analyze your data anywhere in the world

  • Manage, store and centralize your data for further analysis

See What Others Say

  • “We chose Fusionex because Fusionex has the ability to execute in the Analytics market and drive amazing solutions. They are already one of the most established premier Analytics vendors in the market.”
    Joseph Lee Director of ASEAN & India Region, Cloudera

  • “Fusionex GIANT is very intuitive and easy to use. It puts the power of Big Data in the hands of business owners and managers without training course.”
    Liam Smith Managing Director, CCMS Group

  • “We chose Fusionex as they are experts in Business Intelligence, databases and data warehousing. It’s been a good 6 years working with them and we look forward to another 60 years.”
    Tom Gowallis Vice President, TNS Group
  • “Fusionex GIANT lets us reach for the skies by gaining valuable business insights in the aviation industry.”
    Andrew Jackson Aviation Technology Expert Consultant
  • “Fusionex has proven to be one of the best solution providers in this region. We can see that they have global experience and the quality to work together with Proton.”
    Muhamad Azhan Dato’ Mohamad Salleh CIO, Proton Holdings

  • “We felt that Fusionex shares the same philosophy and manner of operations with us. That is why Fusionex is our choice as a solution provider for the loyalty system. It is our nature to look for a partner that we can work with in the long run and I think that Fusionex definitely fits the bill.”
    Chow Tze Teng General Manager, NFC Clothier

Our Featured Clients

Our Featured Clients