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The Business Intelligence Centre is a proprietary software solution, based on a set of rules and software algorithms, which permits a user to leverage the potentially vast quantity of data at his/her disposal by connecting to a wide variety of data sources ranging from in-house databases, line-of-business applications and Microsoft Excel files through to social media tools such as Facebook and Twitter to provide users with actionable analysis designed to provide deeper insight and enable better informed strategic, operational and financial decision making.

The Fusionex BI Centre extracts and processes structured and unstructured data and renders the cleansed, aggregated and summarised data via a channel (e.g. broadband, intranet/internal networks, 4G) to a device of the user’s choice and through whichever user interface best suits the customer. It can connect to multiple platforms so that a customer may leverage its current IT investment and avoid the need to change platforms and the additional costs associated with such a change. Importantly, the Fusionex BI Centre also focuses on advanced data integrity checking and intelligent exception handling and actioning. This ensures a high level of data quality and relevance, unlike many other competing products.

The BI Centre supports Unicode, so that it is able to store and display characters from multiple languages and hence is suitable for both domestic and multinational organisations. The analysis is also proactive and not just reactive and backward looking. It provides actionable recommendations along with predictive analysis.

Once processed, the results may be rendered into a format and through a user interface of the customer’s choice. In addition, the results can be displayed on a wide variety of devices (e.g. tablets, PCs, Smartphones).

The entire process from connection, through processing to rendering and presenting the data is automatic, and works without any need for manual data crunching or time consuming manual operations such as report preparation.

The Fusionex BI Centre is capable of working in multiple environments including on-premise, data centres, and the Cloud.