Core Transactional Engine
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The Core Transactional Engine is a proprietary software solution which serves as the application backbone of an enterprise’s IT system and runs core processes which allow companies to carry out their business operations efficiently.

The Fusionex CTE contains a broad range of functionalities required for transactional systems including security management, messaging, logging and audit trail, dynamic user interface rendering, payment gateway, identification management and multi-language support.

The Fusionex CTE is designed to be, in the main, industry agnostic and with some customisation may be applied across all industry sectors. The product can be further customised according to customer specific requests. The flexible design of the Fusionex CTE means that it caters to multiple sectors.

Flexibility lies at the heart of the Fusionex CTE design. It has been engineered to work with any mainstream operating system, such as Windows (Microsoft), Linux, AS 400 (IBM), IOS (Apple) and Android (Google), as well as recognised databases including MS SQL Server (Microsoft), Oracle and IBM, so that it may be implemented into a customer’s existing infrastructure without the requirement for additional costs and inconvenience associated with replacing one or more of these systems. The Fusionex CTE is capable of working in multiple environments including on customer premises, data centres, the Cloud, and even via a hybrid model.

The key benefits of the Fusionex CTE are its ease of use, ease of implementation, low implementation and on-going cost and ability to deliver value giving the customer a lower TCO and a quicker ROI.