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With expertise cutting across so many industries, we have provided various solutions to help our clients achieve their goals. Read how Fusionex's offerings have helped turn our clients' operations around and steered them towards a positive path.

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“Any sort of business could use (Fusionex) GIANT. GIANT gives you the ability to collate it (data) in one place, to be able to look at trends and be reactive to changes in the environment.”

Emma-Jane Wright
Marketing Manager
Sheffield Chamber of Commerce

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"We chose Fusionex because Fusionex has the ability to execute in the Analytics market and drive amazing solutions. They are already one of the most established premier Analytics vendors in the market.”

Joseph Lee
Director of ASEAN & India Region

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'Fusionex actually helps us to configure the product to comply towards the local regulatory requirements. The timeline given to Fusionex is pretty short... within the space of just 6 months'.

Bernard How
Senior Vice President
Landing Jeju Development Co., Ltd.

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"We found Fusionex GIANT is a very easy to use interface and intuitive, and easy to learn. It can put the power of Big Data into the hands of of the business owner and business manager, without having to send them all to six month training course."

Liam Smith
Managing Director
CCMS Group

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"We chose Fusionex because they are an expert in Business Intelligence, databases, and data warehousing. We really think that they understand and have domain knowledge about our business and work very closely with us. So far it's been a good 6 years working with Fusionex and we hope it's going to last for another 60 years"

Tom Gowallis
Vice President, Software Architecture
TNS Group

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“We’ve been looking for some way of understanding the data we were capturing from the devices. Fusionex’s software [GIANT] puts the data into graphs and enables us to see instant trends and present it to customers in a way that they understand.”

Richard Mills
CEO & Founder

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'When we were looking for a partner to help us with analytics, what we found with Fusionex is that they took the time to understand what we do, what we need and how we operate'

Tham Su Ming
General Manager
Hospis Malaysia

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“The decision-makers in governments and in smart city projects… do not necessarily need to get into the complicated dimensions of the [system of the] product. All of this can be handled by Fusionex. Normal users and decision-makers can just use this tool in a very simple way but get very valuable insights.”

Alex Peng
Smart City Expert
University of Sheffield

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We have a large international vendor for a call center and we used Fusionex GIANT in real time… [to find out]… what’s happening in their call centers and also [GIANT enabled us such that we] could make very good forecasts [and analyses] about call volume and staff planning.”

Dominik Birgelen
One Click AG

"With GIANT you have the opportunity to mix and match and blend the way that the information is actually presented to the client. That is very powerful...”

Peter Backman
Peter Backman

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“The Fusionex team understands the hotel operations and are very supportive. They were also very efficient and answered all of our requests promptly. We definitely recommend Fusionex’s hospitality solutions because this system has generated efficiency [and] we were able to set up a better platform for our guests.”

Tania Syahirah Abdullah
Director of Sales & Marketing
Palace of the Golden Horses

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"Fusionex Big Data Analytics is very effective not just for me but for all my respective heads to manage their portfolios based on live data. This has clearly advanced our data management to a level which we have never envisioned before. We are keen to see the partnership between Fusionex and Takaful Malaysia to grow much larger in the future."

Dato’ Sri Mohamed Hassan Kamil
Group Managing Director
Takaful Insurance

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"Fusionex has proven that they have gone into many verticals and have produced innovative platform to help. It has been proven to be one of the best solution provider in this region. We can see that Fusionex has a global experience and quality to move together with Proton"

Muhamad Azhan Bin Dato' Hj Mohamad Salleh
Chief Information Officer
Proton Holdings

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“We felt that Fusionex shares the same philosophy and manner of operations with us. That is why Fusionex is our choice as a solution provider for the loyalty system. It is our nature to look for a partner that we can work with in the long run and I think that Fusionex definitely fits the bill.”

Chow Tze Teng
General Manager
NFC Clothier

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"We are very impressed with the product and solutions from Fusionex, plus also the potential of the win-win partnership. Based on the partnership few months ago, we'd already engaged with customers."

Mohamed Fitri Abdullah
Country General Manager

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“I see the relationship with Fusionex to be extremely complementary. It’s important to generate a good knowledge center and I believe VADS and Fusionex together have that kind of power to create offerings that are going to be second-to-none.”

Massimo Migliuolo
Chief Executive Officer

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"Fusionex GIANT is very flexible and intuitive. The way that Fusionex GIANT has represented is certainly help us to become more visually engaging, more insightful in terms of interpreting the data within our business."

Chiew Yue Lam
Country General Manager
Avnet Technology Solutions

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“Fusionex GIANT is a very easy-to-use software. Everything’s [accessible] through a web browser and it’s simple – click, drag and drop-down menus.”

Andy Hayward
IT Manager
Wosskow Brown

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"I definitely will recommend other organization, NGO or private company to take on Fusionex GIANT. With this technology, it will help H.O.P.E to upgrade its management, ministration to be exact, and help us move forward."

Lim Hwa Hong
Volunteer Design Architect
Homeless & Orphan Pets Exist (H.O.P.E)

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'In order to achieve success in the industry, Okada has formed a number of important partnerships to accelerate its growth, among them includes Fusionex. Fusionex has helped us by providing a fully integrated leading-edge Casino Management System assisting greatly in the business operations.'

Dries Scott
Chief Technology Officer,
Okada Manila

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“We would certainly recommend Fusionex GIANT to companies which, like us, are looking for an easy to use solution, with fast results, and with large amounts of data from a multitude of sources.”

Luci Mathews
Managing Director
Transportal Solutions

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“Fusionex GIANT enables users to pull vast amounts of data from various data sources and create visualizations that suit the needs of end-users. No complex training is required and end-users can experiment with the data in a user-friendly manner to derive instant visual feedback.”

Prof Mike Holcombe
Advanced Computing Research Centre

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“Fusionex is one of the top companies in the world in the area of Data Analytics. They are a strong partner of ours in developing a holistic and intelligent ecosystem leveraging Big Data Analytics.”

Dato’ Yasmin Mahmood
Chief Executive Officer
Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC)

"Fusionex is our exclusive loyalty program provider and has deployed for us its own cutting-edge proprietary technology with Big Data capabilities. I am happy to have Fusionex and their world-class leadership team as a key partner in our Sunway Pals programme, and we are committed to delivering a continuously evolving loyalty programme; one that gives strong value to our customers and society, and is vastly different from any other programme in Malaysia."

Evan Cheah
Executive Director
President's Office & Information Technology
Sunway Group

“In order to support the rapid growth of the business, it was decided that we needed a robust system…a centralized storage and tracking of information and data was critical. The solution provided UOB with a single system to manage opportunities and information. With this new system in place, informative management reporting can be easily achieved with the aid of user friendly system reports and dashboard developed by Fusionex. We would definitely recommend Fusionex as an experienced IT solutions provider.”

Jake Lim
Chief Operating Officer
UOB Asset Management

“It was a pleasure working with the Fusionex team for the implementation of GIANT with our end client. The solution is outstanding, and the system is live with zero issues.”

Mark Glynn
Head of IT
TNS Global

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