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Case Study

A Large Multinational Retail Group

The Challenge
With a multinational presence and large sales volumes, the client was facing challenges in areas such as inventory movement, stock replenishment, as well as JIT capabilities.

There was simply too much data to crunch and the data was simply overwhelming for the Group to consume. The Group couldn’t cope with the data (volume, variety and the speed in which data was being generated).

Thus data was just being archived, purged or left unattended to. In short, the client was unable to analyze and make sense of the ever growing data.
Our Solution
With Fusionex GIANT deployed, the client’s management is now able to understand what is happening on the ground in near real time, giving them the ability to make informed decisions on inventory movement as well as stock replenishment, and measure this on an hourly basis, rather than seeing things in a month-end report.

Operation managers now have powerful insights across regions, resulting in the latest quarter’s operational efficiency notching an increase by more than 30%!