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Case Study

A Large Regional FMCG / Retail Group

The Challenge
The client has many distributors, channels, warehouses and naturally, end-consumers. Yet, with an abundance of data collected, the client felt that instead of finding ‘rich and useful information’ from the data, they were now swarmed with meaningless data, without the ability to understand what was working, what was not working, what was inefficient and essentially what actions needed to be taken.

The client had a challenge of data overload, a ‘data dump’ if you will, and they were spending an inordinate amount of time, resources and money to attempt to crunch all types of data, whether structured / unstructured, and this was slowing down decision making (e.g. on production, campaigns etc), thus affecting productivity.
Our Solution
Within minutes from deployment, the feedback received was that Fusionex GIANT revealed key findings pertaining to the correlation of the client’s sales data, campaign programmes, marketing spend with regional weather and social media feedback.

Through GIANT, the client has leveraged on Big Data Analytics to build a strong competitive advantage by making marketing decisions tied to the findings of the system that we deployed.

The client now utilizes Fusionex’s predictive and prescriptive analytics system to forecast potential sales and revenue, which serves as a very powerful mechanism to facilitate management’s decision making process.