Aviation Management System

With air travel is continuing to rise and the number of aircraft turns, at the airport, increasing so does the requirement for an increase in the number of ground support vehicles. However with good planning and analytics tools vehicle utilization can be maximized therefore reducing investment and maintenance costs. Our web based Aviation Management System has been developed to help you effectively manage your ground support fleet by:
  • Utilizing the leading edge Data Analytics module to capture information from different datasets, including; resource planning, maintenance, vehicle data, health and safety; to name a few, that help you to create a holistic and powerful dashboard of the operation that can be used near real-time, for offline analysis or predictive prompting.

  • Improving operational efficiency using the near real-time visualisation modules, including digital mapping, by making available, in the office or on the ramp, the latest information to supervisors and allocators to help them make better decisions.

  • Delivering an easy to use and flexible maintenance module that allows you to plan, prioritize and keep track of your GSE servicing and also control spares and assets down to component level.

  • Utilizing predictive techniques, and automation where possible, to maximize GSE availability by being more pro-active when dealing with planned services and unexpected fault management.

  • The easy configuration of a range of automated alerts to notify personnel of important matters arising or as reminders for those important tasks that have been forgotten.

  • Providing a highly scalable, and all encompassing, Ground Support Equipment (GSE) fleet management package that you can start small with and grow as required.

  • Giving you the ability to administer the system using the easy to use software, no special technical skills required.