Core Banking System

As a result of the economic downturn Retail Banks are being re-focused to provide outstanding customer service and to support their customers better with a range of new services, many of them utilizing new technologies. Our Retail Banking solution is designed to help banks achieve their customer service targets, by:
  • Providing flexibility in two ways. Firstly, as a result of being web enabled, secure access can be established from anywhere, with different devices. Secondly, our Core Banking System has been designed to scale up easily as your requirements change.

  • Offering complete multi-channel capability to support intranet, internet, kiosks / ATMs, tellers, mobile banking, and others, which provide customers with a range of touch points to conduct their financial business.

  • Providing easy to use forms and effective processes to track daily banking activities such as account opening and management, loan applications, credit cards, deposits and more.

  • Including a powerful work flow engine that allows you to improve your work processes therefore improving efficiencies and reducing costs.

  • Using leading edge data privacy, security and audit trail technologies to encrypt and secure customer information.

  • Automating alerts that act as prompt action required notification and reminders where activities have been missed.

  • Recognizing that legacy banking systems are common and connecting them with modern technologies can be challenging. As a result, our Core Banking System contains a range of connectors making it possible to bring together an integrated and unified system, which includes your legacy systems.

  • Giving you an easy to use administration module that allows you to securely manage access and control permissions.