Corporate Performance Management

The recent economic crisis coupled with increasing regulatory and statutory controls have resulted in a push for stronger financial efficacy and governance for all CFOs. Technology is helping many organizations to enforce the desired controls, while also taking the opportunity to streamline financial operations for improved efficiency. Our CPM product, based on Tagetik Software provides you with:
  • A total solution package to cater for all Finance operations of any organization; from budgeting and planning, cost allocation, consolidation, disclosures to report generation and automation.

  • The powerful graphical workflow interface that provides you with an easy to use workflow configurator without the need for in-depth technical Support.

  • A flexible and informative reporting package that automates your output data reducing manual effort and putting key information at your fingertips.

  • Standardized processes and controls that can be enforced organization-wide to ensure consistency with data quality and integrity.

  • A scalable solution that moves with you as you grow.

  • The easy to use administration screens, and historical audit trails, so you are able to take control of the system in-house without the need for deep technical expertise.