Customer Relationship Management

Successfully managing your customer relationships has always been the number 1 priority for any aspiring business. As a result of the emergence of the digital world, including; online services, mobile use and social media, to name a few, the complexity associated with managing your customer interfaces and communications has increased in a big way. Our CRM solution has been designed to give you the edge over competitors by providing a flexible package that allows you to maximize your Sales, Marketing and Customer Service activities, by helping you to:
  • See the benefits of Data Analytics as it consolidates your front office data so you can clearly see results and insights that stimulate action and refinement in your customer focused processes, especially for customer segmentation and inbound marketing campaigns.

  • Make your customer service functions efficient through SLA management, incident resolution and user friendly portals that present your customers with easy access to their service information.

  • Improve your document management, for sales proposals, quotes, service documents, product and marketing literature, by securely and centrally locating files that can be accessed from anywhere and with any device.

  • Access a CRM system that is tuned for your industry with a flexible range of implementation approaches (in the cloud or on-premise) to match your company preferences.

  • Take advantage of the rise in Mobile device usage, whether it is for inbound marketing activities or accessing your CRM system on the go.

  • Bring together, share, and use your customer data that is captured from a range of touch points to support you in your multi-channel strategy.

  • Drive your sales pipeline and improve your account management collaboration no matter where your staffs are located.