Document Management System

The need to effectively manage and control documentation has been around for many years and before the advent of PC's. Electronic documents though can be created or changed easily and quickly meaning that controlling them is more of a challenge, and a bigger headache if you don't, than paper only days. Our enterprise document management solution has been developed to give you control over your valuable documentation by:
  • Providing you with a centralized area where files can be accessed from any location, inside or outside your business network, in a secure manner.

  • Making your approvals process more effective using reminder prompts and allowing you to assign documents to the correct people.

  • Removing the need for local PC storage of important material and the vulnerabilities to the business this brings.

  • Utilizing the system document structures and user access controls to manager read, write and view permission.

  • Helping you to easily locate your files and making sharing simple whilst reducing the need for email attachment.

  • Improving your version controls using the Document Management System collaboration and alerting features.

  • Protecting your documents in a resilient environment with archiving and backup facilities.