Enterprise Resource Planning

Managing your company is much easier when your partners, people, processes and business management systems work together. Our Resource Planning solution is tuned to different industries and provides you with the latest technologies so your staff stay connected to your business whether in the office, in another country, or at one of your valued clients. Our ERP solution can help you by:
  • Connecting your data and processes with your other IT systems to reduce manual intervention and maximizing job accountability, clarity of task ownership and avoiding missed activities.

  • Giving you the edge over competitors with the Industry and business specific system configurations that maximize your efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Offering a scalable solution that support you as you grow, giving you the option to start simple, to meet your current needs, and adding features as you need them.

  • Providing you with dynamic core modules, including; Maintenance, Operations, Shop Floor Processes and Accounting.

  • Improving your document management, for sales proposals, quotes, service documents, product and marketing literature, by securely and centrally locating files that can be accessed from anywhere and with any device.

  • Making available Data Analytics software, so you can visualize a holistic picture of your business metrics and KPI’s, including data from ERP, other internal IT systems and external information sources.