Fleet Management, Tracking & Analytics System

Commercial and Industrial vehicles are usually expensive to purchase, operate and maintain, it is therefore extremely important that their costs and utilization are effectively planned and controlled. Adding together the rising cost of fuel, environmental legislation and waste management initiatives and you have a complex situation to manage, where small gains can amount to large benefits. Our Fleet Management and Tracking solution helps our clients by:
  • Providing a powerful maintenance module that allows you to plan, prioritize and keep track of your vehicle servicing and also control spares and assets down to component level.

  • Utilizing predictive techniques, and automation where possible, to maximize vehicle availability by being more pro-active when dealing with service and unexpected fault management.

  • Improving operational efficiency using the near real-time visualization modules, including digital mapping, by providing the latest information to vehicle; controllers and supervisors to help them make better decisions on the go.

  • Bringing together, displaying and sharing data from vehicle systems and combining it with a range of internal, and external sources, to increase company awareness and improve daily management of key issues, such as carbon emissions, waste management and costs.

  • Helping to make the correct capital investment and strategic decisions using clear and concise reports in the data analytics module.

  • The easy configuration of a range of automated alerts to notify personnel of important matters arising or as reminders for those important tasks that have been forgotten.

  • Giving you the ability to administer the system using the easy to use software, no special technical skills required.