Flight Sales & Operations Analytics

Airline businesses are complex organisations to manage, with a fine line between loss and profit. Therefore having accurate and key information available to your staff, when they need it, is mandatory to optimise business performance and keeping ahead of the competition. Our Flight Sales & Operations Analytics product has been tailored to the airline industry to help you take control and drive forward by:
  • The automated processes that transform complex data from a variety of data sources therefore removing the need for time consuming manual intervention.

  • Readily making available statistical insights to a range of staff, from top management, who are concerned with the overall corporate performance, to analysts, who are empowered to drill into the detail and provide new perspectives.

  • Analysing historical data, in-depth, to consolidate information related to; operational performance, industry legislation, cost factors and sales achievements with the aim of driving tactical and strategic decisions.

  • Providing a range of sales and marketing templates including; campaign performance, sales achievements, product success, sales channel results, route performance and many more.

  • Visualising the customer care dashboard to measure and combine a range of customer facing activities, e.g. baggage delivery performance, customer care teams’ effectiveness, and a capture of customer feedback data from a number of touch points (social media, email, web site, etc).

  • Easily extracting data, by configuration, from your existing IT systems as a result of the wide range of standard connectors that are available out of the box.

  • The easy to use administration screens, and historical audit trails, so you are able to take control of the system in-house without the need for deep technical expertise.