Geographical Information System

Across the globe, many businesses have found geographical maps beneficial for a range of business activities, such as deciding the optimum routes for delivery vehicles and the warehouses they should operate from. Our AutoCAD based mapping solution captures, manages, stores, analyzes and displays all forms of geographically related data, with some unique features that help you to:
  • Locate geographic features within a geographical information database to find point, line, area, and surface features by their descriptions or measurements.

  • Measure in detail geographic aspects such as length, width, area, and volume, and the ability to compare sizes from one feature to another.

  • Group geographic features and define their distributions based on how much space they use, how close they are to each other, and where they are relative to other features.

  • Present historical data analysis in a clear and stimulating form, examples being; marketing campaign planning or identifying accident trends for insurance companies.

  • Summarize data obtained from GIS such as simple descriptive statistics (for example, mean, median, and mode) through to very complex spatial statistics.

  • Perform surface analysis and use mathematical methods to find missing values and perform further analysis.

  • Greater efficiency resulting in lower cost for your business (clients have managed to reduce the time required by adopting alternative routes / destinations).

  • Improve visualization and insight, with our 2D and 3D based maps.