Intelligent Capturing System

Although there has been an increase in the generation of electronic and digital documentation for some years now, there is still a large amount of documentation in non-digital forms, including paper. Accordingly, many organizations have recognized the benefits of digitizing all information using intelligent capture systems. Our Intelligent Capturing product can help you improve your unstructured documentation by:
  • Having all of your documentation stored and accessible in a resilient environment with archiving and backup features whilst improving your version controls using the ICS collaboration and alerting features.

  • The easy to use administration screens, and historical audit trails, so you are able to take control of the system in-house without the need for deep technical expertise.

  • Utilizing the powerful graphical workflow interface that provides you with the ability to automate and alert as part of your document capture processes.

  • Delivering a flexible digital document management and imaging solution for standardized content management and enforcement of internal policies.

  • The use of metadata tagging utilizing advanced OCR, OMR and Barcode technologies for improved document management and searching.

  • Supporting distributed and web/cloud processing.

  • Offering a scalable solution that moves with you as you grow.