Loan Management System

Our loan management product aims to help financial institutions deliver excellent customer service whilst managing business and internal processes more efficiently. It can improve your organization by:
  • Recognizing that legacy financial systems are common and connecting them with modern technologies can be challenging. As a result, our Loan Management System contains a range of connectors making it possible to bring together an integrated and unified system, which includes your legacy systems.

  • Making available a range of loan related tools and forms, including; credit analysis, amortisation schedules, payment flexibility, interest rates, day count conventions and due date management.

  • Providing easy to use forms and a powerful workflow engine that helps you to improve your internal processes by improving collaboration and accountability between your teams and staff.

  • Including a flexible Data Analytics module that allows you easily share performance information from top to bottom in your organization.

  • Giving you an easy to use administration module that allows you to securely manage access and control permissions.

  • Using leading edge data privacy, security and audit trail technologies to encrypt and secure customer information.

  • Providing a secure E-Filing and E-Repository capability for digital storage.

  • Automating alerts that act as reminders and prompts.