Loyalty Management System

Loyalty programs have increased significantly in recent years to help strengthen the relationship between Merchants and Consumers. Our Loyalty Management product has been designed with the Travel, Leisure and Retail industries in mind and can help you retain and grow your customer base by:
  • Helping merchants, keep a track of business and loyalty system performance. Our Loyalty Management System includes a concise, yet comprehensive, analytics package so you can monitor your schemes progress and growth.

  • Creating a complete and scalable system that is easily administered by you, no technical skills required, and grows with you, whether you are a family business or a multinational organization.

  • Giving merchants and customers easy access from anywhere, and with any device, via the secure password protected login. Benefits and redemptions can be checked in seconds.

  • Recognizing that our customers want to share loyalty information with other IT systems, typically EPOS, CRM, PMS and more so we designed our Loyalty System with the latest connector technologies.

  • Making it easy for consumers to collect, check and redeem points in seconds, whether they are purchasing online, using a loyalty card or our easy to use mobile app.

  • Providing a powerful email and mobile campaigning module that can be used to generate new revenue opportunities.