Media & Market Research System

Market research is invaluable to businesses in helping them to better understand their customers especially regarding product, marketing and sales strategies. Our product has been designed for Media and Market Research companies to efficiently record and carry-out statistical analysis of survey data for their clients and specifically helps by:
  • Providing you with a centralized area where your documents can be accessed from any location, inside or outside your business network, in a secure manner.

  • Making it simple and quick to build questionnaires and input data from anywhere using the secure web access from a PC or mobile device.

  • Offering an analytics portal that includes range of professional looking reports that can be used in client results and end of research documentation and presentations.

  • Including a parent/child task allocation feature that allows projects to be easily shared amongst the team and monitored.

  • Intuitive and interactive business intelligence dashboard to monitor survey scoring, customer satisfaction, social media, sentiment analysis, brand loyalty and lots more.

  • Monitoring and alerting system to keep track of intended activities and messages triggering when certain thresholds are breached.

  • Download and email functionality.

  • Survey data collection and validation.