Number Management & Distribution System

Today, the telecommunications industry is ever changing in keeping up with the latest generation of technologies. The industry also manages the millions of telephone numbers as well as the devices that are produced on a daily basis. Our product has been developed from our in-depth knowledge of telephony and numbering systems, some of its key features are:
  • Centralized management of all master data such as material, BOM, and pricing schemes specific to numbering management.

  • Enhanced production module with both MSISDN/ICCID automatic and manual pairing, ICCID selection capabilities during material transfer, starter pack serial number generation and label printing.

  • Purchasing module with integration to vendor input/output files for ordering SIM cards, devices, vouchers, and packaging.

  • Sales module to support sales to distributors and retailers, with capabilities to record all serial numbers, single pairing process, return process and various costing and pricing schemes.

  • A distribution module to support one step transfers as well as two steps transfers from HQ to branch location, with capabilities to transfer goods based on ranges of serial numbers. Also supported are consignment sales orders.

  • Unpacking of goods process based on BOM configuration, with integrations to perform an un-pairing process, un-provisioning process, and goods transfer process.

  • Enhanced inventory management module to support goods issue to cost centre, scrap process, block/unblock of goods, and raw material return process.

  • Secure financial transacting feature.