Portal & Collaboration

One of the most significant challenges faced by companies today is efficiently sharing the vast amount of information that is generated and available. With our knowledge in Portal & Collaboration, we use our expertise to give your business users the tools they need to collaborate with co-workers, clients and partners whilst maintaining control of access, security, and content. The Key features are:
  • An intranet portal that acts as your staff’s gateway to your company information.

  • The powerful keyword search feature making the finding of documentation and media, quick and easy.

  • Linking your collaboration portal to internal system logons so your staff only need to login once.

  • A powerful work flow engine that allows you to automate and improve your work processes therefore improving efficiencies by saving time and reducing costs.

  • A centralized system where you can control employee access to company documents, applications, intranets, knowledge bases, social media, Lync etc.

  • Making your approvals process more effective using reminder prompts and allowing you to assign documents to the correct people.

  • Providing you with a centralized area where files can be accessed and protected in a resilient environment with archiving and backup facilities.

  • The audit trail capabilities to give you control of system access and changes.