Property Management System

Our Property Management System (PMS) is focused on the requirements of the Hotel industry and aims to provide a complete management and planning package for the individual hotel up to the multinational corporate. PMS has been designed to support your growth and operate in a lean manner by helping you to:
  • Seamlessly connect and share data in your PMS system with other hotel systems, typically; Point Of Sale systems, Telephone, Entertainment and Financial IT solutions to maximize staff time and reduce manual keying.

  • Streamline your front desk operations and reservation management by making available check in, walk-in handling, cancellations, wait listing including features for room blocking, managing guest messages and wake-up calls.

  • Control housekeeping, maintenance and facilities by helping to ensure all relevant hotel staff are kept updated so that the best customer service is maintained.

  • Provide your services globally by supporting multi-currency and multi-language features that can be dynamically selected from the guest’s profile.

  • Maximize your income by effectively managing and controlling your rates whilst interfacing to specialized revenue management applications.

  • Keep a centralized record of customer, partner and agent details that help maintain data accuracy and faster processing when other PMS system modules are being completed or updated.

  • Stay on top of your finances, including invoicing, bill payments, reminder generation, commission payments and cashiering using the comprehensive range of features included in our PMS solution.

  • Easily share, with all levels of personnel, Key Performance Information and detailed statistics via our powerful self service analytics suite.