Self Service Kiosk

Advancements in technology are instrumental in shaping consumer expectations and behaviours. Today, it is expected that transactions are to be fast, easy, and convenient with many related features and easy accessibility. This made the Self-service kiosks increasingly popular in malls, retail stores, movie theatres, resorts etc. We provide end-to-end kiosk solutions to clients in various industries, through integration of our kiosk software with various hardware devices, we enable our clients to maximize the kiosks' potential to automate other business operations, thus enhancing the overall user experience. Our kiosk solutions entail the following:
  • User-friendly interactive self-service kiosks provide easy access to various information and advertisements, it enables the organization to grow its’ customer base, retain customer loyalty and improve customer service.

  • Enhanced Graphical User Interface (“GUI”) and user experiences to suit different business scenarios and provide your customers with an updated user interface, multimedia animations and other capabilities.

  • Near real-time information display from a centralized repository which enables your organisation to cope with the fast changing market conditions and business requirements.

  • Web enabled to allow for centralized, easy and quicker system maintenance and upgrade which is cost effective and scalable for future expansion.

  • Features include kiosk remote management and health monitoring, resulting in lower risk of downtime frequencies.

  • Supports monetary transactions and user input encryptions for more stringent security controls.

  • Supports various hardware component integrations and is easy to implement.