Wealth Management System

Being successful with your Wealth Management business requires excellent customer service, building trust and confidence in your clients and being able to guide them to a comprehensive range of solutions. Our Wealth Management product is a comprehensive software package that provides all of the functionality necessary to run a wealth management business by:
  • Recognizing that legacy systems are common in financial institutions and connecting them with modern technologies can be challenging. As a result, our Wealth Management System contains a range of connectors making it possible to bring together an integrated and unified system, which includes your existing IT systems.

  • Empowering your sales team with an easy to use mobile application that can be completed on the go and securely upload data to the core system to ensure client information is centralized, backed up and protected.

  • Enabling your sales staff to quickly show automated results and recommendations in an eye catching graphical format - with print out capabilities - to help you close deals and achieve your targets.

  • Giving you a centralized analytics and reporting suite that allows you to gain powerful insights into your client’s preferences and also a holistic view of your overall business performance from front to back.

  • Giving you an easy to use administration module that allows you to securely manage access and control permissions, including detailed log files to facilitate diagnosis and audit trails.

  • Providing easy to configure, and use, forms in addition to a powerful work flow engine that can be used to improve your work processes therefore improving efficiencies and reducing costs.

  • Using leading edge data privacy, security and audit trail technologies to encrypt and secure customer information.

  • Offering multi language, and multi-currency, to support international operations, where required.