Grow, raise and produce in a more informed way


The demand for agriculture supplies continues to be extremely high, be it products for consumers or raw materials. Suppliers are greatly affected by external factors such as the forces of nature that are beyond their control, although with accurate and timely information they are in a position to mitigate such risk.

The modern agriculture business has to manage a wider than-ever range of aspects including the environmental effects of fertilisers, costs associated with crop growth, harvesting and the processing of the raw materials into a finished product. In addition, meeting the increasing demands of the supply chain with food retailers who require, in particular, high quality, low cost and on time deliveries is a constant challenge amidst the unpredictability of the weather.

At Fusionex, through our technology, we help those in this sector better understand the potential of their business and the relationship between various metrics that affect the overall efficiency of their harvesting and production operations.


We help our clients to:

  • IMPROVE their in-depth understanding of the entire operation through consolidation of information from various data sources.

  • REDUCE costs by tracking KPI's frequently enabling faster corrective decision making.

  • STRENGTHEN forward planning with predictive analytics.

  • BETTER control over environmental effects by making statistics openly available.

  • INCREASE profit margins by fine tuning processes and procedures resulting in measurable changes.

Our industry solution offerings include:

  • An astute and in-depth domain knowledge of Business Analytics and Insights resulted in the creation of our CPM solution, which provides you with a better understanding of your business and helps improve overall productivity and operational efficiency.

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