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The banking industry has been one of the highest profile and most talked about sector in recent years. In many banks the separation between Retail, Business and Investment banking has been reduced significantly, or removed, and growth strategies have become increasingly complicated as banks reach out across the globe.

The financial services sector continuously goes through transformations, often resulting in complications where banks’ IT systems and processes struggle to cope with the stream of changes.


Our banking solutions are designed to help our clients to effectively manage their Wealth, Loan and Customer Services by:

  • INCREASING process efficiency with automation of banking processes.

  • IMPROVING product personalization to satisfy the needs of specific customers.

  • REDUCING operational cost without compromising productivity.

  • ENABLING legacy systems to interface with more flexible leading software.

  • ADDING security controls to meet stringent legislative and regulatory requirements.

Our industry solution offerings include:

  • Transforming a bank's conventional systems to a streamlined front end operation that is dynamic, flexible yet tightly integrated to the core backend with controlled and justifiable investment on returns.

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  • Providing a stable platform to handle large volumes of transactions and document processing by using industry proven OCR engines. The solution allows businesses to control the way the system works while eliminating rigid backroom operations and processes.

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  • An effective solution for streamlining and automating loan application processes. The solution is boosted with features like credit analysis, collection and recovery, day count conventions, automatic due inspections, meter reading and notifications etc.

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  • Providing the sales force with a feature rich financial advice rendering tool to manage the wealth and investments of their customers.

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