Minimise risk and focus your energy

Energy & Utilities / Oil & Gas

As the world demands evermore energy, suppliers continue to spend billions to speculate and develop new sources.

The volatility of oil and gas prices has a big impact on the profits of utility companies that generate and supply household energy. Risk management for these companies is a very important process with the purchasing of energy being complex and one that they must get right. Alongside the challenges of producing, supplying and distributing energy the sector has to abide by strict legislation imposed by the regulators and various international organizations who have mandates to protect the planet.

It is therefore imperative that tight business controls, robust risk management procedures and information systems are in place for these organizations to prosper. Reliable, flexible and well implemented software technologies are central to success.


Our industry solutions for document control and production management provide our clients with:-

  • ACCURATE and timely operational information ensuring tight management of costs are maintained.

  • FLEXIBILE systems to support dynamic business changes so that innovation, learning and improvement can implemented.

  • REDUCED capital and operational costs due to improved processes for asset control and maintenance.

  • STRONG security controls to meet stringent regulatory and audit requirements.

Our industry solution offerings include: