Delight your customers by controlling your policies and risks


The world has still not fully recovered from various financial challenges due to the economic climates of late; this is further compounded by untimely financial scandals around the world through mismanagement and excessive manipulation of the system.

The net effect of these circumstances has seen not just the global financial market implementing increasingly stringent regulatory controls, but more importantly, the consolidation of various financials. The Insurance sector has seen stricter enforcement of risk based capital across the world for all players within the insurance industry.

At Fusionex, the Insurance industry is a prime focus area of our solution offerings. We have successfully deployed cutting-edge solutions for clients on a mission critical basis of an enterprise scale. These solutions are delivered based on proven industry best practices and methodologies based on optimised architecture that is enterprise ready and scalable in accordance with your businesses.


We understand the challenges and stagnation faced by the financial market and therefore, our comprehensive insurance solutions are designed to assist our clients by:

  • IMPROVING strategic planning.

  • TRACKING financial status and capital performance.

  • MAXIMISING productivity with quick access to an integrated yet modular system.

  • ACCELERATING informed decision making with just a few clicks.

  • Providing PROMPT reaction to customer demands and enquiries.

Our industry solution offerings include: