Ride the technology wave to challenge and excite your customers

Leisure & Gaming

The entertainment and leisure sectors are remain very buoyant with new technologies opening new doors.

Bricks and mortar establishments such as malls, entertainment centres, boutiques, casinos and betting shops are in constant development and progression. Their service offerings have continued to evolve for the convenience and enjoyment of their clients, including the provision of online services, self-service kiosks, loyalty and mobile applications.

The successful companies in these sectors are aware of the need to focus on leading edge software solutions with powerful and eye catching user interfaces coupled with flexible connectors to existing systems and hardware.


Working with our clients we have introduced them to Loyalty, Improved Planning and Business Software, Analytics and Gaming software. Some of the successes they have seen are:

  • DELIGHTING their customers with simple and easy to use self-service facilities.

  • GROWING their customer base and increased revenues.

  • IMPROVING user experience using the latest technologies for the web, mobile devices and kiosks.

  • COPING with rapid changing market conditions and requirements with our adaptable software solutions.

  • RETAINING and IMPROVING loyalty.

Our industry solution offerings include: