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Logistics and Transportation


A major influence on the Logistics industry would be the demands from the retail sector. In particular the increase in multi-channel strategies where consumers require faster and more flexible delivery approaches.

Running alongside this challenge are rising fuel prices and environmental mandates. Moreover, and no less significant is increased competition brought about by new businesses, entering the sector, and the consolidation of larger players. As a result, price reductions have ensued and accordingly lower margins.


In this area we include, Aviation, Railways and Shipping. In the most part they share similar challenges, and opportunities, whilst also encountering their own unique pain points..

Consistent with the Logistics industry, rising fuel costs and environmental management are high on the priority list for these sectors. In all cases there are significant amounts of capital expenditure required as assets are large, and complex, requiring heavy maintenance and timely re-investment/finance strategies to enable continued operations at an optimal level.

With the transportation sector’s customer base being mainly derived from passenger movements and cargo handling, meeting clients’ demands for more, in a shorter timeframe, and for less $£€, is key for success.

In these industries, the successful players are those that believe in embraceding technology to improve efficiencies, increase control, share awareness of company performance, strengthen links with supply chains and enhance the client relationship.


Our offerings help our clients by:

  • IMPROVING business control with the provision of timely and relevant information.

  • DRIVING DOWN costs by improving workflows and accountability.

  • REDUCING the risk of legislative breaches.

  • STRENGTHENING the supply chain by linking IT systems together.

  • HELPING the board stay on top of the facts on the move.

Our industry solution offerings include: