Bring your production systems together for improved system uptime


The dynamics of the manufacturing business has changed over recent years, resulting in established manufacturers having to change their business models, especially for the supply chain and production line.

Companies in this sector continue to assess the costs and rewards of operating in different countries around the world resulting in key decisions being made about where to design, make and service products. As the geographical operating spread for these companies increases so does the complexity associated with continuously staying in control.

Furthermore the industry faces significant challenges with the use of disparate and proprietary IT systems prevalent in the production line. Linking them together for maximum efficiency and effectiveness can be a highly specialized task.


Our suite of manufacturing products , including automation, monitoring and MRP applications, have been designed to help our clients by:

  • IMPROVING business control with the provision of timely information.

  • REDUCING operational cost with automated processes.

  • CENTRALISING resource planning to provide a holistic operation and information platform.

  • ENABLING integration to various backend systems to simplify data compilation and consolidation.

  • INCREASING productivity with maximum uptime.

Our industry solution offerings include:

  • A comprehensive ERP solution that provides a holistic operational platform, well suited and designed for various business lines and accomplished with the aid of up-to-date and multi-dimensional information being presented in meaningful ways

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