Responding to Covid-19 with Actions

Fusionex is providing meaningful assistance to support the fight against Covid-19 through the utilization of state-of-the-art digital technologies and collaborating with the right social enterprises for the common good.

For Everyone

In response to the people in need, Fusionex provides resources to empower everyone with the capacity to fight, cope and persevere through the coronavirus pandemic. This includes sponsoring Personal Protection Equipment to the frontliners who face the virus head on and providing food for the underprivileged as no one gets left behind.

For Business Owners

The Coronavirus has forced businesses to alter the way they operate. In light of this, Fusionex is undertaking efforts to aid and support businesses adapt to the new reality by offering innovative, cutting-edge solutions. These initiatives allow SMEs to leverage our Big Data Analytics and AI to manage market changes, solve operational challenges and sustain core business processes until things get better.
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For Educators and Students

Fusionex has embarked on strategic collaborations with various academic institutes to nurture resilient future talent and exchange invaluable industry knowledge, insights and expertise that will prepare students to face the difficult economic realities emerging as a result of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Fusionex is also providing employment, scholarship, mentorship and internship opportunities for students.
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Because You Matter

Right now, we are all coming together, having similar conversations, thoughts and hopes. In order to overcome the pandemic, Fusionex has partnered with various social enterprises to aid and support charities, NFPs, hospitals, welfare homes, and people on the frontlines who are leading the fight against COVID-19.
  • Frontline Support

    Fusionex joins forces with Batik Boutique to repurpose the sewing center’s industrial cutter and skilled tailors to commence production of PPE gowns, boots and hoods for doctors, nurses and frontline health staff who have been working tirelessly to combat the Coronavirus.

  • Relief Efforts

    Answering Masala Wheels’ call for solidarity during these difficult times, Fusionex is supporting their socially impactful landmark initiative, “Food Without Borders” by sponsoring meals for the urban poor, students and many others who are struggling to make ends meet.
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  • Business Proofing

    Fusionex Academy has introduced VILT, transitioning from a physical classroom to a virtual/remote learning environment that allows you to continue learning from home while staying safe. These sessions continue to be interactive as participants are able to engage with instructors via our video conferencing tools.
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