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"Fusionex possesses a flexible culture, coupled with its strong and unique expertise, experience and methodologies; all of which have been inculcated into their software offerings. It's been a great working experience with Fusionex."

Alvin Loh
Senior Manager
Air Asia

"Fusionex took the time to really understand our requirements and prepared a tailored presentation with an accurate assessment of our needs and realistic costs and timeframes. Fusionex has proven to be a real asset.”

Lateef Mirza
Director of Applications,

“Fusionex is an outstanding company with great technology and expertise with an international presence. Their achievements are exemplary and we are pleased to see them win the PIKOM Leadership Excellence Award”

Chin Chee Seong
Chairman (2016-2017)
National ICT Association of Malaysia (PIKOM)

“We were very satisfied with Fusionex team’s commitment to deliver, and were impressed by their level of dedication and professionalism. But what impressed us most is the level of commitment given to us by Fusionex’s Management Team. We would definitely highly recommend Fusionex.”

John Ho
Assistant General Manager MIS & Business Process Optimization
Yeo’s Group

"The Fusionex GIANT software is the only analytics tool we have encountered with ‘out-of-the-box’ analytics capabilities. The user interface itself is clean, intuitive, simple and user friendly. The drill-down capabilities are better than any other analytics tool that we have encountered. I am super impressed with how thoroughly and how quickly our team has acclimated themselves to the software. The overall conclusion from my team members is that Fusionex GIANT is an awesome piece of work."

Hishamuddin Md. Ramlay
IT Services

"Fusionex is very committed and supportive towards the EPF's needs and requests. We are impressed that Fusionex’s software meets our expectations and provides us with the insight that we have been seeking."

Wan Kamaruzaman Wan Ahmad
Project Owner
Employees Provident Fund of Malaysia

"What we like about Fusionex’s software workflow is its methodical yet user-friendly interface. Fusionex’s system has made data management such a simple process that the complications surrounding this process in our organization is now a thing of the past. We are very satisfied with our decision to go with Fusionex."

Teh Ming Sing
Project Manager
IVT Solutions

"On behalf of Celcom and my team, I would like to record our sincere appreciation towards Fusionex for helping us gain the insight we need from our data which has done wonders for revenue and cost cutting management and we hope that we can work again in the future."

Hj Khairul Azhar Hj Hashim
Head of Data & Revenue Management

"Project Managers assigned by Fusionex are highly capable and engage us on a timely basis. What’s even more important is Fusionex's expertise in core system technologies has really translated into a comprehensive yet user-friendly system for us that really helps make a difference in the organisation."

Head of Technology Solutions

"I am very happy with the system deployed by Fusionex which has resulted in a great success towards our project plans."

Goh Lee Tin
Project Manager, IT Department

"Fusionex’s offerings come with a solid and practical roadmap that was executable, the roadmap makes sense and it will serve us for the next few years and not just a year or so. We view Fusionex as a partner to collaborate with and not just a vendor. And yes, we will continue to look forward to working with Fusionex."

Chia Yong Wei
Chief Information Officer
Air Asia

"I have found the quality of Fusionex's offerings to be excellent. The process and workflow of their analytics software is a very straight forward yet insightful process."

James Graham
Programme Director
TNS-Research International

"The strongest point of Fusionex’s software is how easy it is to engage with their offerings to gain the results that you are looking for, and so quickly with the right amount of flexibility. I am happy that we chose Fusionex. Fusionex is excellence with experience."

Lucksananoi Punkrasamee
Managing Director
SCG Accounting

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