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  • Integrated Business Suite designed to address all facets of your organization’s needs whether you starting a business or move your business forward
  • Expand customer base while increase market share by retaining existing customers
  • Make data-driven decision to develop strategies that bring cost efficiency and business opportunities

    Combining elastic scalability with reliable functionality, Fusionex F Suite encompasses every aspect from customer engagement to sales and ecommerce, accounting and financing to productivity and connectivity, and beyond. It provides one-stop solution for your organization as well as alleviate any evolving challenges your business may be facing.


    Make your front office more effective with improved access to documents when needed. Keep your teams connected anytime, anywhere to speed up workflow and business operation processes which allows smoother customer experience.


    Level up your customer experience to omni channel journey at all touchpoints via estore, chatbot, call center services, loyalty system etc. , brands will have better chances of winning new customers and nurture loyal customer relationship. With the opened access to global marketplaces, enterprises and SMEs are able to explore new market segments and widen the market share.


    Understand customer buying patterns and trends via Fusionex Analytics Tool to develop strategies and activities that can generate higher profit for your organisation. Through the mining of historical data, you can also discover new opportunities and offer dynamic package bundling to promote upselling and cross-selling for your product or services.

Integrated Business Suite

F-Suite is a total service as a solution productivity platform that is designed to address all facets of your organization’s needs. Combining elastic scalability with reliable functionality, our solution encompasses every aspect from customer engagement to sales and ecommerce, accounting and financing to productivity and connectivity, and beyond.


Nowadays, people prefer searching for information regarding goods and services online before they go out to shop. By not having an online presence, you open yourself up to losing business to your competitors who have established a solid presence online. Taking your business online and let us take care of the technical part, while you focus on carrying out your business operations. Our ecommerce platform allows you to reach a market of 1.6 million customers, with plenty of cross selling and upselling opportunities. Customizable and flexible, we can quickly drive new revenue growth for your business; allowing it to access new premier markets quickly via the eTFP, create personalized webstores with integrated payment gateways and e-wallet services, harness the power of digital marketing, utilize loyalty programs to drive customer engagement and reward loyalty, and understand your business via analytics.


Every enterprise across every industry requires solutions to run their business operations in a more optimal, efficient, quicker and cost saving manner. Our productivity suite allows your business to move forward by handing you the tools you need to achieve digital transformation. Whether your business is a corner shop or a conglomerate chain, it is important to have a set of easy-to-use and inexpensive software tools at your disposal to support your growing business. Our productivity suite can improve workflow efficiency; allow you to schedule meetings with automatic email invites; host video conferences from any device with a camera; collaborate on documents, slides and spreadsheets; store, share and access files on the cloud; and secure data and devices through authenticators and centralized administration controls.


Nothing attracts the attention of online shoppers quite like a captivating and amazingly designed website. Our team of creative designers are able to design all sorts of websites, customized banners, social media ads, business cards, letterheads, envelopes, seek out to the most captivating stock imagery, and create the most amazing logos and typographic fonts to keep all eyes firmly planted on your branding. We can turn any idea into a reality and give your business the attention it deserves. What’s more, we are flexible and agile to tailor any branding imagery or design to match all of your personal and professional needs and styles. With our help, your brand, products and services will turn heads and stand out apart from others throughout the internet.


Leverage the power of content writing to turn visitors into paying customers. Our experienced writing team helps you in this regard as they can craft the perfectly customized write-up to match any of your products and services. Our team’s method is to take time and effort to truly understand what message you wish to get across before they even begin writing. This ensures that with every editorial, your customers will be able to get an in-depth description of your offerings and realize that your products and services are what they are looking for. Your outgoing message has just translated into incoming sales. And our secret to all of this is not keywords, buzzwords and clickbait – our content is purely all about quality. Quality writing is what will ultimately boost your sales above that of your competitors.

Customer Engagement

Stay engaged with your customers while building long-term loyalty by providing them exceptional customer experience. Our suite allows your operators to hold real-time chats with your customers to resolve their online sales and support needs. Plus, you can also track visitors, send personalized messages, utilize robust reporting and ticketing tools, and more – it’s all the tools you’ll need to offer five-star customer service. You can also connect with your customers through our AI-powered virtual assistants to handle any queries or concerns they may have for instant communication. With our powerful central reservation system, you can manage bookings, make use of Business Intelligence and Analytics tools to discover new opportunities by mining historical data, and offer dynamic package bundling to maximize upselling and cross-selling opportunities.

Trade Facilitation

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Corporate Social Responsibility

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