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Architecting with Google Kubernetes Engine

Architecting with Google Kubernetes Engine

Course Overview

Master Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) as you learn more about the open-source, vendor-neutral system for orchestrating workloads that are packaged in containers.

Explore and implement production solutions like pods, containers, deployments and services; as well as networks and application services. You will also deal with the configuration of the GKE environment from building and scheduling to monitoring workloads and managing access security. 

Audience Profile

This course is for participants who want to design new solutions or integrate existing systems, application environments and infrastructure with the Google Cloud Platform.

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Google Cloud Platform
  • Containers and Kubernetes in GCP
  • Kubernetes Architecture
  • Kubernetes Operations
  • Deployments, Jobs, and Scaling
  • GKE Networking
  • Persistent Data & Storage
  • Access Control and Security in Kubernetes & Kubernetes Engine
  • Logging & Monitoring
  • Using GCP Managed Storage Services from Kubernetes Applications


Code GPA3